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Pressure valve (manual+dual pressure selection) YQRF-15/32-1

The pressure -limiting valve (overflow valve) is a hydraulic pressure control valve in hydraulic equipment in hydraulic equipment.

Coaxial valve YQZF

The coaxial valve has the characteristics of anti -pollution, high flow, small volume, fast response speed, exemption of maintenance, back pressure sealing, long life and other characteristics.

Pressure valve (manual) YQRF-15/32-1

The volume limit valve is small, high sensitivity, easy to control, simple installation, good anti -pollution

Chase diameter coaxial valve YQZF(H)

Features: there are anti -pollution, large flow, low operating pressure, fast response speed, maintenance -free, back pressure seal, automatic valve core

Container - type shaft valve YQZFM

The coaxial valve adopts an integrated structure of the valve on the body and the actuator: the actuator is overlapped with the axis of the fluid pipe (fluid flow direction). To maximize the installation space, the influence of fluid pressure difference on the valve opening pressure is minimized to the minimum.

Installation valve YQCF1-10

Its flow rate can reach 1000L/min, and the diameter is 200~250mm. The valve core has simple structure, sensitive action and good sealing. Its function is relatively single, mainly to realize the opening or breaking of the liquid circuit, and when used in combination with ordinary hydraulic control valves, it can realize the control of the oil direction, pressure and flow of the system.

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