Automobile Industry

Welding workshop concentrated gas supply and water supply system-HIP、RIP

Our company is a company that produces HIP and RII systems for Volkswagen. According to years of design and production experience, and continuously following the popular technical specifications, it has developed a more integrated water and gas unit; more concise pipeline design, more reliable, more reliable At the same time as the system performance is improved, the service life is greatly improved; especially the introduction of the inheritance of the inheritance of our independent brands, the reduction of the system failure point, making the inflection point of the water circuit less less inflection point. The phenomenon of air erosion is also controlled at the same time.

Help machinery and equipment

Help machinery is widely used in special dangerous environments such as automobiles, military industry, mechanical manufacturing, petrochemical or flammable and explosive. It is used to complete the movement, improvement and assembly of the product in a short distance, which can greatly reduce labor intensity and ensure operations operations. Safety and improve production efficiency.

End load protection of the stamping workshop

Modular design, compact structure: increase delivery speed and reduce manufacturing costs.

Concentrated control valve group of the power assembly workshop cutting fluid

By using the concentrated control valve group's appearance, it has also been greatly improved

Engine processing production line

In the engine production line, the cutting fluid directly affects the quality and the life of the processing. The products such as the backwashing filter, coaxial valve, pressure limit valve, and pressure reducing valve produced by Yuanli can fully solve the cutting fluid filtration, pressure regulation and interrupt control control. And other issues.

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