Petrochemical Industry

High -pressure foam

The raw materials of petrochemical high -voltage foam equipment are easy to crystallize and have strong corrosion. The currently used ball valve and deeper valve are often leaked. The valve produced by Yuanli has a balanced structure. Crystals, long service life.

The application of coaxial valve in PSA

In the application of PSA, the production of nitrogen used in industrial uses air as the raw material, and the oxygen and nitrogen are obtained. The main methods are deep -cold vacuum division, molecular sieve blasting the barren film empty division method, etc. PSA nitrogen occurrence device is to use the principle of transformer adsorption. The oxygen and nitrogen in the air through the carbon molecular sieve is used to separate the nitrogen. It has the advantages of simple process, small occupation, small investment, simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc. The device is continuously circulating and can be fully automated.

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