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Coaxial valve YQZF

The coaxial valve has the characteristics of anti -pollution, high flow, small volume, fast response speed, exemption of maintenance, back pressure sealing, long life and other characteristics.


Coaxial valve, pneumatic booster pump

Product Description

| Product introduction

  • The coaxial valve adopts the integrated structure of valve body and actuator, and the actuator coincides with the axis of the fluid pipeline to maximize the installation space and minimize the influence of fluid pressure difference on the valve opening force. Used to control various media, gaseous, liquid, gel-like, particulate, highly contaminated and corrosive. Compared with ordinary valves, the design of coaxial valves has the characteristics of controlling high flow and high pressure. Coaxial valves are used in machine tool cooling and lubrication, oil exploitation and treatment, gas production equipment, powder metallurgy, high-pressure washers, pressure grouting machines, blowing machines, sewage discharge equipment, foaming equipment, high-pressure testing equipment, laminar flow cooling, vacuum equipment.

    • 50-in-<> function, more
    cost-effective• Single product combines two functions, -Switch control of pipelines -Control the action
    of this switch• Greatly save installation space -Ready to use, save the space
    of traditional cylinders, joints and valves• Save a lot of installation time, save <>%
    of the installation man-hours of traditional cylinder valve groups • Safe and reliable, Reduces multiple connection handover surfaces during installation of traditional cylinder brake valves, making maintenance easier
    • Balanced design, zero differential pressure start, low driving force
    • Straight-through design, low pressure drop
    • Complete product range compatible
    with a wide range of media• Complete valve functions: normally closed, normally open, double-acting
    • NUMAR standard pneumatic mounting interface, More solenoid mounting options
    • VITON and EPDM seals are available

    Diameter: DN6, DN8, DN10, DN15, DN20, DN25, DN40, DN50
    Working pressure: 0-70MPa (higher pressure can be consulted), control air pressure: 4 - 8bar


| Technical parameters


Basic specifications function Second place two letters
connect  ⅜", ½", ¾", 1", 1¼, 1½", 2"
Interface form G, Rc, NPT, F
Path DN10、DN15、DN20、DN25、DN32、DN40、DN50
Pressure range 0~2MPa, 0~10MPa, 0~40MPa, 0~70MPa
function Double acting, normally closed, normally open
Body material Stainless steel, high performance alloy steel
Valve seat Synthetic resin to metal, metal to metal
Sealing material HPU, NBR, FKM, EPDM, PTFE
vacuum <10-7Pa▪L/s
medium Gaseous, liquid, gel-like, granular, highly polluting, corrosive
Flow A↔B (see sample legend for details)
Operation time 50~4000ms
Media temperature -10~60°C (conventional), -40~260°C (pneumatic control type, remote installation pilot solenoid valve)
Ambient temperature -10~50℃
authentication CE, ISO9001, vacuum certified
Electrical specifications Rated voltage & power 24VDC & 2.5W, 220VAC & 2.5VA, special voltages available upon request
Protection & heat resistance rating IP65 & B级
connect DIN type C plug (PG7), M12*1; special connection available on request
Manual control mode Via pilot solenoid pushbutton
Gas drive specifications Control mode Air control, two-position five-way pilot solenoid valve, electromagnetic direct action
temperature -10~50°C (no condensation)
Drive pressure 0.2~0.8MPa
lubrication No lubrication required


Note: For special requests, please contact your local office



| Product application

Coaxial valves are used in process control, petrochemical, machine tools, etc

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