Machine Tool Industry

High -pressure cooling water unit

The two -way and three -link coaxial valve, proportional overflow valve, proportional pressure reducing valve, and rushing filter of our 10MPA pressure level are adopted.

Cooling (cutting solution) centralized control valve group

The control valve group consists of an exchange -flow -type coaxial valve, a managing road or a supporting road flow meter (switch), a managing road or supporting road pressure switch (sensor), a pilot gas source, ball valve and pipe parts.

Fixture system

The fixture system with the Really gas -liquid supercharged pump is zero. Really liquid pressure pressure pump stopped in a balanced state after the circuit oil pressure rises to keep the oil pressure.

Machine tools for small -scale disk small hydraulic stations

The entire system does not have temperature rise and noise. After the pressure is established, the pump will stop automatically and more environmentally friendly. It is suitable for powerless or explosion -proof occasions, with a small volume and flexible configuration.

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