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Chase diameter coaxial valve YQZF(H)

Features: there are anti -pollution, large flow, low operating pressure, fast response speed, maintenance -free, back pressure seal, automatic valve core


Coaxial valve, pneumatic booster pump



Product Description

| Product introduction

High pressure resistance: balanced structure design, different from traditional valves, coaxial valve switch only needs to overcome friction
to prevent blockage: very suitable for particles, viscous and easy to condense media control
longer life: even in complex and harsh applications, coaxial valve service life can reach tens of millions of times, more than ten times that of conventional valves. The unique structure of the coaxial valve ensures that the axial seal is not subjected to lateral forces and eccentric loads, and the seal life is longer and the response is fast: the pressure-balanced design, the medium pressure on the valve stem is extremely low, and the stem stroke is
short, providing fast and repeatable operation. The maximum opening and closing time can be up to ten milliseconds, which is suitable for applications requiring high-speed switching


| Technical parameters

Basic specifications function Second place two letters
connect Flange PN16/40
Path DN65、DN80、DN100、DN125、DN150、DN200、DN250
Pressure range 0~4MPa
function Double acting, normally closed, normally open
Body material High performance alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel surface galvanized
Valve seat Synthetic resin to metal
Sealing material HPU, NBR, FKM, EPDM, T2
vacuum <10-7Pa▪L/s
medium Liquid, gel-like, granular, highly fouling, corrosive
Flow A↔B (see sample legend for details)
Operation time 200~5000ms
Media temperature -10~60 °C (conventional), up to 230 °C
Ambient temperature -10~50℃
authentication CE, ISO9001
Electrical specifications Rated voltage 24VDC, special voltages are available upon request
Degree of protection IP65
connect DIN type plug, special connection method is available on request
Manual control mode Swing lock
Gas drive specifications Control mode Pneumatic control, 2-position 5-way pilot operated solenoid valve
temperature -10~50°C (no condensation)
Drive pressure 0.2~0.8Mpa
lubrication No lubrication required

Note: For special requests, please contact your local branch


| Product application

  • PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator, machine tool cooling and lubrication, oil exploitation and treatment, gas production equipment, pressure washer, pressure grouting blowing machine, powder metallurgy, sewage discharge equipment, foaming equipment, high pressure testing equipment, laminar flow cooling, vacuum equipment


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