Welcome all enterprise leaders and representatives to our company for technical exchange and visit guidance

Nov 09,2021

On March 15th, in the context of the supply side reform proposed by the state and the "Made in China 2025" initiative, our company invited leaders and representatives of manufacturing enterprises to come to our company for technical exchange. During the meeting, representatives from various participating companies raised some technical issues regarding coaxial valves, booster pumps, and backwash filters to our company, and expressed the hope that our products would become larger and stronger, develop in the long term, and become industry leaders.




At the venue, Yuanli Chairman Gao Yonggang gave a detailed introduction to the content of this exchange meeting, including Yuanli company's corporate culture, product types and applications, and what problems Yuanli products can solve for customers. Yuanli focuses on its own products and constantly iterates over them; Go deep into the customer's site, find out the problem, and ultimately give back to the customer.





After the technical exchange meeting, representatives came to visit and guide the production workshop of our company. The Chairman of Yuanli Company explained to the leaders and representatives the product manufacturing and product process of the entire production line of Yuanli Company, starting from customer needs, from the production and processing of products, to installation and commissioning, and then to the distribution of finished products; On the production progress display screen on each floor, you can have a comprehensive view of the overall production progress, order progress, workshop production progress, and assembly progress, with clear and traceable product quality.




During the visit, the manager of our technology department explained the differences in product iteration updates, as well as the sealing and process differences between versions;



This "Powertrain Fluid and Control Product Application Technology Exchange" conference was jointly organized by Dalian Yuanli&Xintai. Industry experience and experience were shared and discussed with industry experts from afar. All participants had a close contact and understanding of our company's latest products and system solutions in the field of fluid transmission and control technology.



After attending the meeting, take a group photo as a souvenir.

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