Cooling (cutting solution) centralized control valve group


The control valve group consists of an exchange -flow -type coaxial valve, a managing road or a supporting road flow meter (switch), a managing road or supporting road pressure switch (sensor), a pilot gas source, ball valve and pipe parts.
The valve group can be used for high -voltage cooling system (HPC), or it can also be used for ordinary low -voltage cooling systems (LPC);
Inherited the innate advantages of the same shaft valve: anti -pollution, high pressure resistance, low starting pressure;
The unique design of the flow stream provides multiple functions improvement;

High and low pressure partitions can be performed on the same valve group
The valve that can be installed on the same valve group can be installed with different circulation capabilities
The control of different media can be achieved on the same valve group
The valve group can reserve the empty position of future expansion
The valve group can realize the convergence of different media
The valve group can also integrate gas, electric and sensors

By using the concentrated control valve group's appearance, it has also been greatly improved:
The structure is more compact, saving the installation space
Box installation, safe and tidy, large -sized transparent panels are easy to observe



In the engine production line, the cutting solution directly affects the quality and the life of the tool. The products such as the rushing filter, the RFT coaxial valve, the pressure limit valve, and the pressure reduction valve produced by Yuanli can fully solve the cutting fluid filtration, pressure regulation and interrupt control And other issues.







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