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Rotate the connector YQXJ54WF



Coaxial valve, pneumatic booster pump



Product Description

| Product introduction

The rotary joint adopts a one-piece structure of rotating shaft and body high-speed rotation balance mechanical seal, which coincides with the axis of the fluid pipeline (fluid flow direction) that transports different media. Widely used in all kinds of machining centers, automatic lines, gun drilling/gun hinge machine tools and other special equipment, for high-speed and high-pressure internal cooling transportation of coolant, cooling water, gas, oil mist, hydraulic oil, steam, oil and gas, vacuum and other media of high-performance, high-precision rotary joints. According to the needs of demand-side equipment, precision standard and precision economical rotary joint series can be provided.


| Product advantages

— Single channel external, coolant or oil mist, suitable for machining center, automatic line ultra-high-speed spindle applications
— Disengagement technology, using high hardness silicon carbide seal, can achieve pressure-cooling, pressure-free dry operation

— Full flow design, 0.1mm ultra-short disengagement stroke gap, control the leakage of residual liquid during tool change

— Balanced mechanical seal, compact structure, easy to install and maintain, ultra-high-speed operationis smooth and trouble-free
— Hard aluminium corrosion-resistant anodized housing, nitriding stainless steel rotating shaft and guide sleeve components
— This series is bearingless external flange type axial cooling swivel joint


| Working parameters

Medium: water-based coolant, MQL (oil mist)
filtration accuracy: ISO 4406 class 17/15/12. Less than 60 μm
Maximum pressure: 140 bar; (oil mist) 10 bar
maximum speed: 40000 r/min maximum flow: 82 L/min
(standard); 24.3 L/min (high pressure)
maximum temperature: 70°C


| Product application

Machining center / automatic line (coolant)

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