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Air amplifier YQQBA

Air amplifier YQQBA


Coaxial valve, pneumatic booster pump



Product Description

| Product introduction

Air-air booster pumps are based on the principle of force balance. A very low pressure is applied to the large diameter air-driven piston, and the resulting force is transmitted to the piston in a small area through the piston rod, pushing the small piston to move in a confined space, and a high pressure is generated by gas compression. With a pneumatically controlled valve, the booster enables continuous operation. The directional valve alternates the actuating gas on both sides of the large piston. The high-pressure piston controlled by the check valve continuously discharges the gas, and the pressure of the booster pump is related to the driving air pressure (while the booster efficiency of the pump is directly related to the inlet pressure of the pressurized gas, that is, the higher the inlet pressure, the more gas is transported in a single stroke). The final output pressure of the booster pump can be calculated according to the formula in the table of technical characteristics of the booster pump. When the pressure between the drive section and the booster part of the gas reaches equilibrium (that is, when the force acting on the drive piston and the booster piston is equal), the booster pump stops running and no longer consumes air. When the output pressure drops or the air drive pressure increases, the booster pump automatically starts operation until the pressure equilibrium is reached again. In addition, the gas-pneumatic booster pump can be switched on and off automatically via pneumatic switches or external controls. Gas booster pumps are divided into air booster pumps and other gas booster pumps. The air booster pump pressurization medium is compressed air. The medium of other gas booster pumps can be compressed air, nitrogen, helium, argon, etc.


| Product advantages

— Unique air path and silencer design for enhanced dust protection;
— Automatic stop after pressure equalization, no noise, no energy consumption;
— No power supply required, suitable for applications without power supply or vandal protection;
— Focus on solving any problems caused by insufficient air pressure.


| Product parameters

Dimensional drawing

Parameter specifications


| Product application

1. Some equipment in the factory needs high pressure, so that installing an air booster pump in the local air circuit can provide local high pressure without replacing the air compressor.
2. When the output force of the pneumatic actuator is insufficient and the installation space is limited and the use of larger caliber actuators is not allowed, the air booster pump can be used to increase its control pressure.
3. When the fixture attached to the factory automation equipment requires miniaturization and the output pressure is large, the air booster pump can also be used to improve the clamping force of the fixture.

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