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Gas - liquid pressure pump YQYBD-160


Coaxial valve, pneumatic booster pump



Product Description

| Product introduction

Gas-liquid booster pump is a pump product that uses compressed air as the power, based on the principle of area difference (Boyle's law), so that hydraulic oil or other liquids are continuously transported according to a fixed booster ratio and used as a high-pressure power source, which is a variable piston pump that integrates power. In the initial stage of compressed air connection, the circulation speed is the fastest, and the flow rate of the liquid is the largest. As the output pressure gradually increases, the resistance of the piston increases, and the circulation speed of the pump becomes slower and slower. When the reaction force of the infusion pressure on the piston is balanced with the gas driving force, the pump will automatically stop. At this time, the pump is in the holding pressure state without consuming any energy, so it provides an economical power source. When the pumping pressure drops or the supplied air supply pressure rises due to leakage or other reasons, the pump will immediately start to recharge the system, thanks to the low frictional resistance of the pump itself and ensure the stability of the pumping pressure. The double-acting pump has less pulsation than the single-acting pump, the output pulsation is smaller, and the output flow rate is 50% higher than that of the single-acting pump of the same series.


| Product advantages

After the pressure is established, the pump stops automatically, no noise, no energy consumption; No power supply is required, suitable for applications without power supply or explosion-proof; Small size, flexible configuration, save installation space; Wide output pressure range, up to 100MPa; Pressurized media are diverse, including water, oil, coolants and aggressive chemicals.


| Product parameters


| Product application

1. Hydraulic test: valves, storage tanks, pressure vessels, pressure switches, hoses, pipes and pipe pressure gauges, cylinders, sensors, cylinders and components

2, bursting and cyclic fatigue test of the above components
3, calibration: pressure gauges and sensors
4, waterjet cutting and cleaning
5, leak test
6, emergency
7. Battery pressurization
for testing multiple components 8, operation and control of oil well services and wellhead equipment

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