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  • 高压冷却系统YLXT-A3070-00012-0CA.png


High -pressure cooling system YLXT-A3070-00012-0CA



Coaxial valve, pneumatic booster pump



Product Description

| Five advantages

1. Complete filtration, extended service life
2, small floor space, high degree of integration

3, reduced energy consumption by 70%
4, no consumables, maintenance-free
5, intelligent control


| Product characteristics

— Independent patented backwash filter Filtration accuracy up to 30μm, maintenance-free, no consumables
— independent patented technology high-speed sewage discharge Anti-pollution, small size, fast speed, maintenance-free, long life, low air consumption;
— Independent patented technology pressure limiting globe valve Quick pressure setting, with full unloading function, pressure regulation and on-off control can share signals;
— Small footprint, compact structure, self-control.


| Technical parameters


| Product application

Suitable for machining industry, deep hole drilling, vertical/horizontal machining center, gantry machining center, CNC lathe, turning-milling composite machining center, multi-axis composite machining center, automatic production line, etc.

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