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Cutting fluid precision filter-roll-up filter



Coaxial valve, pneumatic booster pump



Product Description

| Product introduction

— Filtration accuracy up to 30μm, filtration without consumables, maintenance-free;
— High filtration efficiency, 100% filtration, safe and reliable, no secondary pollution;
— Four backwashable elements are installed inside the filter, three of which are in the filtered state and one is in the pending backwash state;
— Using the rotation mechanism at the bottom of the filter, rotate 90 degrees each time to let each filter element pass through the backwash circuit;
— The filter outlet pressure is high, directly inserted into the bottom of the tank, no foam is generated, which can fully circulate particles below 30μm, prevent the deposition of small particles, and the concentration exceeds the standard;
— Stainless steel wedge steel wire winding filter element, long-term use will not rust, the gap will not be amplified, the quality is stable;
— There are three kinds of traffic for users to choose: 100L/min, 200L/min, and 400L/min.


| Technical parameters


| Industry applications

Machine tool industry, automotive industry, power industry, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding industry, steel industry

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