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Container valve group YQZFM

Fluid control valves


Coaxial valve, pneumatic booster pump



Product Description

Fluid control valves


| Product introduction

By adopting the centralized control valve group, the appearance has also been greatly improved, the structure is more compact, saving installation space, box installation, safe and tidy. At the same time, compared with the individual pipeline, the purchase cost of valve pipelines and joints, as well as the installation hours of the pipelines and the leakage rate that may occur in the later stage, etc., can be reduced by at least 1/2.
√ High and low pressure partitioning can be carried out on the same manifold

√ The manifold can realize the convergence of different media√ The manifold can integrate gas, electricity and sensors

√ The manifold can reserve space for future expansion√ The manifold can integrate gas, electricity and sensors

√ The control

√ of different media can be realized on the same manifold Valves with different flow capacities can be installed on the same manifold


| Technical parameters

Diameter: DN6, DN8, DN10, DN15, DN20, DN25, DN40, DN50


| Product application

Used to control various media, gaseous, liquid, gel-like, granular, highly polluting and corrosive substances, machine tool cooling system, lubrication system, hydraulic system, pressure grouting machine, oilfield high-pressure water injection, oil production metering system, oilfield cementing machine, fracturing truck, bottle blowing machine, high-pressure washer, pressure sintering, powder metallurgy, water treatment ion exchange system, core making machine, foaming equipment, pneumatic conveying system, testing equipment, shield machine slurry system, dust removal equipment, etc.

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