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Electromagnetic coaxial valve YDZF-10/15

The electromagnetic coaxial valve has the characteristics of anti -pollution, high flow, small volume, fast response speed, maintenance exemption, long life, etc.


Coaxial valve, pneumatic booster pump



Product Description

The electromagnetic coaxial valve has the characteristics of anti-pollution, high flow, small size, fast response speed, maintenance-free and long life


| Product introduction

The electromagnetic coaxial valve adopts a direct-acting structure, and the coil directly drives the valve core, which has the characteristics of simple structure, few parts, rapid response and sensitive action. And the control is simple, the use range is wide, and there is also good sealing in vacuum and negative pressure. Ideal for liquids, gases, contaminated dirty or toxic media. Even if the seal is completely worn, no process medium will spill and the valve will always maintain its tightness.


| Feature symbols


| Technical parameters

Basic Specifications


Pressure-balanced with return spring


Two two-way links


3/8 , 1/2 , 3/4 , 1 , 1-1/4

Interface form


Pressure range

0-10 MPa


Spring normally closed, spring normally open

Body material

Stainless steel, high performance alloy steel

Seat sealing material

Synthetic resin-to-metal, metal-to-metal, aluminum alloy

Sealing material





Gaseous, liquid, gel-like, granular, highly polluting, corrosive


A→B (or see drawing annotations)

Operation time

25-130 ms

Ambient temperature


Media temperature



CE, ISO9001, vacuum certified

Electrical specifications

Rated voltage & power

DC 24V & 2.5W

Protection & heat resistance rating

IP65 & Level B


DIN type A plug comes standard, M12X1 socket, special connection on request

Special options

Special voltage, limit switch


| Product application

Process control, petrochemical, machine tools

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