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Limited December Dead Safety Valve YQRZF3

Fluid pressure control valve


Coaxial valve, pneumatic booster pump



Product Description

Fluid pressure control valve


| Product introduction

— Compact structure

— Reduce leakage points
— Control signal sharing
— System unloading

— System voltage stabilization

— System safety protection


| Advantage
1.The use of pressure regulating and unloading valve accurate and fast high-pressure pump outlet pressure adjustment, processing quality is higher; The control element is not wetted, and the service life is more guaranteed;
2. The pressure regulating and unloading valve has a complete unloading function to avoid frequent start and stop of the high-pressure pump and overpressure unloading;
3. The pressure regulating unloading valve has multi-stage pressure online selection, and the appropriate cooling pressure is selected according to the diameter to depth ratio, so as to solve the problems of insufficient internal cooling pressure, burrs, horn holes, and cone holes in the workpiece, and improve the processing quality;
4. Use the cut-off safety valve to effectively solve the problem of residual pressure in the spindle hole and water digging caused by the digging surface and the water immersion of electronic components on the manipulator when changing tools and changing parts, and avoid safety problems such as tool change with pressure;
5. The functions of pressure regulation, on-off and unloading are integrated, and the control signal can be shared and reduce pipeline connection and reduce leakage points.


| Feature symbols


| Technical parameters

Basic Specifications


Pressure control


Threaded connections (1", 1-1/2")

Pressure range

0.5-12 MPa

Body material

Aviation aluminum, stainless steel, high performance alloy steel

Seat sealing material

Metal-to-metal, synthetic resin-to-metal

Sealing material



Manual pressure regulation, automatic continuous pressure adjustment


Gaseous, liquid, gel-like, granular, highly polluting, corrosive

Operation time


Ambient temperature


Media temperature


Electrical specifications

Rated voltage & power

24VDC & 2.5W, special voltage on request

Protection & heat resistance rating

IP65 & Level B


DIN type C plug (PG7), M12X1 socket, special connection on request

Proportional adjustment signal

4 ─ 20mA,0 ─ 10V

Air-driven regulations

Control mode

Manual, proportional electromagnetics


-10~50°C(no condensation)

Drive pressure

See the drive pressure graph


No lubrication required


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