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Pressure truncation valve YQRZF-15

Fluid pressure control valve


Coaxial valve, pneumatic booster pump



Product Description

Fluid pressure control valve


| Product introduction

1. Use the pressure control valve to accurately and quickly adjust the outlet pressure of the high-pressure pump, and the processing quality is higher; The control element is not wetted, and the service life is more guaranteed;
2. The pressure control valve has a complete unloading function to avoid frequent start and stop of the high-pressure pump and the problem of overpressure unloading;
3. The pressure control valve has multi-stage pressure online selection, selects the appropriate cooling pressure according to the diameter-depth ratio, solves the problems of insufficient internal cooling pressure, burrs in the workpiece, horn holes, and taper holes, and improves the processing quality;
4. The pressure regulation and on-off functions are integrated together, and the control signal can be shared and reduce the pipeline connection and reduce the leakage point.


| Feature symbols


| Technical parameters

Basic Specifications


Pressure control


Threaded connections (1", 1-1/2")

Pressure range

0.5 - 12 MPa

Body material

Aviation aluminum, stainless steel, high performance alloy steel

Seat sealing material

Metal-to-metal, synthetic resin-to-metal

Sealing material



Manual pressure regulation, automatic continuous pressure adjustment


Gaseous, liquid, gel-like, granular, highly polluting, corrosive

Operation time


Ambient temperature


Media temperature


Electrical specifications

Rated voltage & power

24VDC & 2.5W, special voltage on request

Protection & heat resistance rating

IP65 & Level B


DIN type C plug (PG7), M12X1 socket, special connection on request

Proportional adjustment signal

4 ─ 20mA,0 ─ 10V

Air-driven regulations

Control mode

Manual, proportional electromagnetics


-10~50°C(no condensation)

Drive pressure

See the drive pressure graph


No lubrication required


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