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Effectively solve the stubborn pressure and tick water in the main axis of the main axis during the sword and change


Coaxial valve, pneumatic booster pump



Product Description

Effectively solve the residual pressure and ticking water in the spindle hole when changing tools and changing parts


| Product introduction

— Compact structure

— Reduce leakage points
— Control signal sharing
— Quickly establish high voltage
— System safety protection
— Improve machine efficiency


1: Use high-pressure four-way valve to synchronously solve the problems of frequent start and stop, overpressure unloading, and multi-pressure switching of high-pressure pumps, and improve the service life and processing quality of pumps;
2. Solve the problem of long establishment time of internal cooling pressure and affect the processing cycle; Each tool change can save 2-3 seconds or more;
3. Effectively solve the problem of residual pressure in the spindle hole and ticking water caused by the contamination of the positioning surface and the water immersion of electronic components on the manipulator during tool change and replacement, and avoid safety problems such as tool change with pressure;
4. Improve the work efficiency, processing quality and safety of the machine tool.


| Feature symbols


| Technical parameters

Basic Specifications


Two digits and four links


3/8 , 1/2 , 3/4

Interface form


Pressure range



Double air control, spring normally closed

Body material

Stainless steel, high performance alloy steel, aviation aluminum

Seat sealing material

Synthetic resin-to-metal, metal-to-metal, aluminum alloy

Sealing material





Gaseous, liquid, gel-like, granular, highly polluting, corrosive


A→ B, A→C, B→D (or see drawing annotation)

Operation time

50-3000ms (maximum response time 20ms)

Ambient temperature


Media temperature

-10~60°C (conventional), -40~260°C


CE, ISO9001, vacuum certified

Electrical specifications

Rated voltage & power

24VDC & 2.5W, 220VAC & 2.5VA, special voltages on request

Protection & heat resistance rating

IP65 & Level B


DIN type C plug (PG7) as standard, M12X1 socket, special connection on request

Manual control mode

Pilot operated solenoid manual pushbutton

Air-driven regulations

Control mode

Air controlled, two-position 5-way pilot solenoid valve


-10~50°C(no condensation)

Drive pressure

2-8 bar


No lubrication required


| Product application

Process control, petrochemical, environmental technology, machine tools and other equipment


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