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How to choose the type of valve

Name: Tianjin Tourist
Problem Description:
How to choose the type of valve

Administrator reply:

The scope of the application valve should be consistent with the conditions of the use site, that is, according to the gas source pressure, power conditions (communication or DC, voltage and fluctuation range of the gas source pressure, the temperature, temperature, environmental temperature, temperature, dust according to the gas source pressure of the use occasion, , Vibration, etc., can be used to work normally under this condition.
Under the condition of flammable, explosive, and humidity, the valve of gas control should be selected.
For complex control, automatic control, or long -distance control, the electronic control method should be selected.
In an environment with more dust, the deeper valve should be selected.
When it is convenient for hand operation, the manual valve is selected; if the handle and unloading work cannot be carried out in both hands, the pedal valve can be used; the mechanical cam can be used to promote the optional control valve for replacement of the valve core.

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