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How to choose gas -liquid pressure pressure pump

Name: leking
Problem Description:
How to choose gas -liquid pressure pumps, what is the difference between it and ordinary plunger pump, and under what circumstances, the advantages of the gas pump are more obvious?

Administrator reply:
First of all, we must understand the basic working principle of the gas liquid pressure pump: that is, with the power of compressing the air, drive the plunger under the piston's reciprocity movement to increase the pressure in the low pressure liquid in the small capacity to higher pressure. It is mainly because the area of ​​the compressed air -driven piston is greater than the area of ​​the plunger. Under the influence of the principle of force balance, the liquid pressure is increased. And one pump can have up to two supercharged column cavity. Such a structure determines that the flow of the gas pump will not be very large, and the pressure pulse is inevitable, but the advantage is that liquid pressure can easily increase dozens of times, upper and upper, upper and upper. One hundred times, even thousands of times, no temperature rise, no power supply, can automatically supplement the pressure, can be maintained for a long time after the pressure balance, so that it does not consume energy.
The main points need to be confirmed by choosing the gas -hydraulic pressure pump:
1. System pressure: Determine the pump supercharging ratio
2. System flow: determine the pump cylinder cylinder diameter
3. Loading characteristics: keep the state frequently in time or frequent direction, decide whether to match the storage device
4. Allow pulsation: determine the function type of the pump, the single role is still a dual effect
5. Medium characteristics: determine the pump body material and sealing material
6. Other conditions: Whether to use separately or with other hydraulic stations or use two high and low voltage pump pumps

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