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What are the performance of the valve?

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Sealing performance
The capacity of the sealing parts of the valve prevent the medium from leaking, which is the most important technical performance indicator of the valve. There are three seals: the connection between the valve body and the valve cover; the matching and the placement of the filler and the valve stem and the filling letter; The leakage of the last place is called internal leakage, which is usually not strict with what we call. It will affect the ability of the valve to cut off the medium. For cut -off valve categories, internal leakage is not allowed. The leakage of the first two places is called the outer leak, that is, the liquid medium is leaked from the valve to the outside of the valve. External leaks will not only cause material losses, but also pollute the environment, and cause accidents in severe cases. For flammable and explosive, toxic or radiation medium, leakage cannot be allowed. Such valves must have strict and reliable sealing performance.

When the medium flows through the valve, it will cause pressure loss (the pressure difference between the front and back of the valve), that is, the valve has a certain resistance to the flow of the medium. The medium requires a certain amount of energy to overcome the resistance of the valve. In terms of energy conservation, when we design and manufacture valves, we comprehensively consider the resistance of the valve as much as possible to the flow medium.

Apocalyted and Apocalyptic Torch
The force or torque must be applied by the valve. When the valve is closed, a certain seal ratio should be formed between the opening and closing parts and the two seals of the valve seat. The friction of other friction areas must be applied to a certain turnover and off torque. During the process of the valve, the opening and closing torque changes, and the maximum value is to close the final instantaneous instantaneous instantaneous instantaneous instantaneous instantaneous instantaneous instantaneous instantaneous instantaneous instantaneous. When designing and manufacturing valves, strive to reduce its shutdown and off -torque.

Open -closing speed
The valve completes the time required to open or close the action. Generally, there is no strict requirements for the opening speed of the valve, but some working conditions have special requirements for the opening speed of the opening and closing. Some requirements are quickly turned on or closed to prevent accidents. This should be considered when choosing a valve type.

Action sensitivity and reliability
This is the sensitivity of the valve to make the corresponding reaction to the changes in the medium parameters. For valves that have specific functions such as the valve of the stamping valve, the regulating valve, the throwing valve, etc. to regulate the media parameters, and the safety valve, the hydrophobic valve, etc., its functional sensitivity and reliability are very important technical performance indicators.

The durability of valves is an important performance indicator and has great economic significance. It is usually represented by the number of opening and closing requirements that can ensure the sealing requirements, and it can also be represented by use time. This is also the advantage of Yuanli RFT® coaxial valve.