Powder metallurgical


The valve produced by Iron Metallurgy Yuanli can meet the following requirements of the powder metallurgical industry: low leakage, vacuum resistance, fast response speed, and bidirectional circulation.

Powder metallurgy occupies an increasingly important position in the production of modern alloy knives, and the industry's harsh use environment puts forward higher requirements for the control valve. The shortest life of ordinary ball valves in the industry is only a few months. The valve performs excellent in the interrupt control of the compressed air with metal particles. It must not only continuously bear the alternating load of vacuum and high pressure, but also to bear a certain high temperature test. Therefore, the successful application of the RFT coaxial valve in the industry has another strong interpretation of its own performance.

In this application, the same shaft valve needs to be equipped with the feedback function of the valve position. The RFT coaxial valve can install one or two close switches, which will feedback the opening state and closing status of the valve. Nearly the switch is selected from European first -tier brand products.

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