The application of coaxial valve in the liposuction system of the shield machine


The RFT coaxial valve is applied in the liposuction system of the shield machine, which has stronger corrosion resistance. During the adjustment process of the slurry regulating valve, the changes in the flow channel make the fluid in the valve change. The medium flow rate is higher than that The medium flow rate, the valve core is in a severely worn working environment, and the corrosiveness of the slurry, so the position of the contact medium of the same shaft valve uses stainless steel. Alloy materials with wear resistance and corrosion can also be selected on certain flow velocity and low -flow pipes. Both the valve body and the valve stem should use corrosion -resistant stainless steel. For the valve in the shield machine, the seal is required to have a good wear resistance. Therefore, the sealing of the coaxial valve is used to use a diversion measure, and the medium should not be exposed to the seal of the valve seat as much as possible.

The installation of the liposuction system and water system of the coaxial valve in the shield machine:

  Coaxial valve Pneumatic ball valve
The difference between coaxial valve and pneumatic ball valve in the application of shield machine liposuction system 1 There is only one piston rod on the mobile part, and the overall dew point is very small. 1 sphere 90 ° rotation to achieve switch, the sphere is always grinded with the valve body. (Discard point: 2 valve seats, valve pole filling letter)
2 Small volume, integrated structure of valve body and execution agency, is more advantageous in the liposcopy system. 2 Large volume, the split structure of the valve and the execution agency. The vertical volume is very large.
3 Anti -polluting coaxial structure, impact on valve seats is very small. (Design of cone valve seats and blade valve stems) 3 Even without impurities, the opening and closing process of the ball valve sounds life. (The ball valve is rotated in the valve body by the driving valve ball by the execution mechanism)
4 High pressure adopts coaxial structure, pressure balanced design, and the same shaft valve switch only needs to overcome the friction force. 4 The process of opening and closing of the valve needs to overcome the pressure of the interval itself, and the pressure of gas needed is very high.
5 Back pressure sealing, when the valve is closed, the higher the pressure, the better the sealing effect. 5 The higher the media pressure, the greater the torque, the more difficult the valve is opened.
6 Quickly respond to the cylinder in the valve body, which is changed in 0.2 seconds. 6 The valve opening is too fast, which has an impact on the valve body, and the phenomenon of water hammer will occur.
7 The low operation pressure is very low because of the balanced structure design. 7 When turning off, you need to overcome the torque, and the pressure is greater than the same shaft valve.
8 Energy -saving and environmentally friendly gas source pressure is low, and the valve has a long life. (The unique structure of the coaxial valve to ensure axial sealing and unbearable side force and eccentric load) 8 From the perspective of gas source, consumes a lot of compressed air every year.
9 Self -maintenance only has one activity component piston rod 9 Pinking components in the valve stem and execution agency, as well as additional driving actuators.


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