The application of the same shaft valve of the coal -fired power plant hydraulic ash removal system


Whether the power plant is de -gray or hydropower, the medium contains certain particles. The coaxial valve produced by Yuanli increases the dust ring, which has stronger granularity and is suitable for pollution media.

The RFT series of coaxial valve has the characteristics of particle resistance, anti -impurities, and strong ability to pass the ability. Compared with the long -term use of the universal ball valve, butterfly valve, and the deadline valve, it can be applied to most of the process sections of the power plant, which is especially suitable for water treatment. Remove ash, desulfurization and other process sections;

The ion exchange device puts forward higher requirements for valve seals due to the presence of high hardness resin;

It contains a large amount of impurities in the wastewater. The sealing quality of the valve and the anti -pollution capacity have high requirements;

Whether the ash removal system contains a certain granules in the medium, whether it is the power removal of the ash or the hydraulic removal of the ash;


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Hydraulic removal


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